Migration Services

Student Visas

Application Process

The various visa subclasses provide for entry to a specific course level and institution type – from basic English language study to Post Graduate study. Educare Plus Pty Ltd can help facilitate this first stage course acceptance process, and the subsequent application for the appropriate visa.

We can give comprehensive information packages to students to help them choose the right course, the correct institution and the appropriate location for their individual professional and personal needs in 4 main sectors of Australian Qualification Framework (AQF):

  • English study
  • Schools (Primary and Secondary)
  • Vocational and Technical Education (TAFE and private institutes)
  • Higher Education (mainly universities and private colleges)

Equipped with good understanding of Australian laws, culture and environment, we can prepare you for your new life here by providing accurate information based on true local experience.

Partner Visas

This visa type is suitable for the wife, husband or de-facto (including a same sex relationship) partner of an Australian sponsor.

Educare Plus Pty Ltd can guide you through the various compliance requirements regarding:

  •  The status of the existing relationship in country of origin and its alignment with Australian standards for recognition of permanent relationships.
  • Details relating to age, length of relationship, cohabitation, marriage type and circumstance that can be sensitive and personal, and need the assessment by a likewise sensitive and understanding agent.

We have a mature and experienced migration agent to manage Partner Visa applications and advise you of the procedure and possible outcome of your application.

Skilled Migration

Currently Skilled Migration is based on points and you will need to apply via Skillselect system. Our experienced staff will guide you through the process of lodging a suitable visa application to achieve the best outcome.

Visitor Visas

At Educare Plus, we are here to assist with new visitor application, extension of tourist visa or transition to other visa and overseas visitor health cover.

Parents Visa

If you are a current permanent visa holder or Australian citizen, and your parents wish to migrate to Australia, there might be a good chance that they are eligible to apply for this visa category.