OSHC is a product designed to assist international students meet the costs of medical treatment they may need while studying in Australia. It has been mandated by the Australian government that all international students in Australia, with a few exceptions, must have an OSHC policy for the duration of their Student Visa.

Primarily, OSHC provides for payments up to the current Medical Benefits Schedule. Essentially, this means that international students receive similar medical cover to Australian residents under their OSHC policies. The cover is base-level cover only.

Why MelbourneAustralia should be your preference if you are looking for a world-class education in a safe, relaxed and multicultural society.

Australia has an excellent international reputation in education and training. Australia offers a diverse range of study options for international students, with more than 1,200 institutions and over 22,000 courses to choose from. In Melbourne you can study at all levels of education from Primary and Secondary school, to Vocational education and Training (VET), from English language courses to Higher Education (including universities). And regardless of what you are studying or how long you are studying for, the Australian Government promotes quality education and protection for international students.

Melbourne, located in the State of Victoria, is renowned for its world-class universities and vocational education. Victoria has the highest university participation and graduation rates in the region. Melbourne has been frequently ranked the most liveable city in the world and offers a world class public transport system, accessible accommodation options, a wide range of sporting and cultural entertainment and a friendly welcoming style.

Explore Melbourne and the advantages of enrolling with Educare Plus Pty Ltd.

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Eligibility to work in Australia will be a requirement for all work opportunities in Australia –Your visa type will specify the exact details of your Eligibility to work in Australia.

It is important to comply with the Australian taxation and business laws, and you may also require registration for acquisition of one of the following:

TFN – Tax File Number which is provided by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and ensures you and your employer are compliant with the income tax provisions.

ABN – Australian Business Number provided by the ATO for enterprises or individuals choosing to operate as a company or a form of self-employment that again ensures compliance with income tax laws.

Fulfilling these obligations will provide for a worry-free employment experience and Educare Plus Pty Ltd can offer guidance as to which status is appropriate and how to complete the necessary forms.

Educare Plus Pty Ltd wishes to ensure your transition into the Australian education system and subsequently the Australian workplace is as trouble-free and rewarding as possible. Local experience and skilled staff are ready to assist in all ways.

You can find all sorts of accommodation listing on Local newspaper, Student accommodation on your University website, or Student Facebook Group.